about us

It's my dogs' world.
I just live in it.

Hi I'm Jess!

I live in Helena, MT with my two pups and if I’m not baking treats, I can be found out and about exploring with Cassiopeia and Celestial.


My love of baking began at an early age. I began experimenting with making my own treats and celebratory cakes for my pups years ago when my dog Bella had some major health issues, so it was even more important for me to make every day a celebration.


I shared the treats with my friends’ dogs. And as my pups became more adept at getting their treats out of their toys, I experimented with cookie cutter shapes and landed on several that made it more challenging.

Jess rolling dough


My posse of pups began with Bellableu and Pallini and now it’s Cassiopeia and Celestial. Together, the dogs and I have had a wide variety of backcountry adventures as well as several road trips across the country. A day with dogs is always a great day.

C Squared

C Squared (C2) Dog Treats is named after my 2 rescue pups, Cassiopeia and Celestial, but celebrates all 4 dogs that have been in our pack.

C2 Dog Treats

Made In Montana

I’ve combined my love of baking with my desire to feed my dogs healthy treats.


Using simple, all-natural ingredients free from any preservatives, our treats are handmade and lovingly cut into shapes. Up-cycled grain sourced from local Montana breweries is dried, ground and used as the basis for all our treats.


Our treats are tested by the Montana Department of Agriculture and approved by dogs on adventures in the back country, exploring on cross country road trips, and just chilling at home. We regularly donate our treats to our local Humane Society. From our pack to yours, we hope you enjoy!


I started experimenting with vegetarian flavors by basing it on what my own dogs liked to eat. My priority was to keep the ingredients simple, healthy and appealing to dogs. I gave samples to friends to share with their own dogs for feedback on ingredients. It was a fun process as I experimented with flavors and eventually landed on the 4 current ones.  
I learned the healthy benefits of upcycled brewers grain provides a source of fiber, protein and phenolic compounds. So approached the local breweries here in Helena and was met with enthusiasm. I collect the wet grain and dry it in my oven, grind it down and use it as the basis for all treat flavors.
We’d love to hear what your pup thinks of our flavors and if there are ingredients they’d like to try we’d welcome suggestions to see if we can possibly make those accomodations down the road.
Four Flavors of C2 Dog Treats